Book Review: Genealogy Gets Ugly in ‘Always’

Dan Hays, in his ‘Northwest Best’ column, over at the StatesmanJournal (Salem, Oregon), wrote a review of Elizabeth Lowell’s latest genealogy-based thriller, ‘Always a Time To Die’.

Genealogy is a peaceful pursuit. The search for personal histories involves poking about in old papers and comfortable reading at such centers as the one maintained by the Church of Jesus Christ of The Latter-day Saints in their Salt Lake City temple complex.

One doesn’t expect to become a target of violence while engaged in genealogy. So when professional genealogist Carolina “Carly” May is hired to look into the history of a prominent Southwest family, she doesn’t expect to be endangered.

You can read the rest of the review at the link above. The field of genealogical thrillers is not exactly a big one, but you wouldn’t know it by how well-written Lowell’s books are.

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