Teen Learns About Family Through 4-H Project

An article at the Linton Daily Citizen mentions a young woman who made prize-winning 4-H project out of her family’s genealogy.

Stephanie Barker, 16, has been involved in 4-H for eight years and has been working on genealogy for eight years as well.

“My mom was really interested in genealogy and had some information, and I just wanted to learn more about my family,” Barker, who will be a junior at Bloomfield High School this fall, said.

For her project, which won grand champion at this year’s fair, Barker had six binders complete with information and pictures of her family. Throughout her research, Barker was able to trace one part of her family back to the 1600s. (excerpt)

Next time you hear somebody complain about there not being enough younger people involved in genealogy, send them this article.

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