Battle Over Family House: 80 Years

There’s an article at the Los Angeles Times (membership required) about a probate battle that has went on for 80 years concering a family home, between family members (generations of family members).

For the descendants of Jose Rios, the old wood-frame house has been a source of frustration. On and off for 80 years, they have sniped over the fate of the home, one of the county’s longest-running probate cases.

“Typically, most cases close within 12 to 18 months. But this is one of the oldest and very rare,” said Linda Martinez, senior attorney with the county’s Probate Department.

The home has been in probate since 1925. The dispute has gone on for so long that the modest house is now estimated to be worth more than $1 million…

…..The feud has escalated to the point where some relatives speak to each other only through attorneys.

This is an excerpt, rest of article at link above.

80 years. All because somebody died without making a will.

Have you checked your will lately?

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