Forensic Genealogy & Photographs

The Irish Echo Online has an article about Dr. Colleen Fitzpatrick, author of the book “Forensic Genealogy”

Pictures paint a thousand words, but one of the most important lessons for a forensic genealogist, according to Dr. Colleen Fitzpatrick, is what pictures do not say.

Dr. Fitzpatrick is the author of “Forensic Genealogy,” a primer that shows the hobbyists and hardcore alike what can be achieved by applying the investigative techniques of forensic science to genealogy. Remarkably, she appears to be the first to combine the disciplines. Having studied genealogy for 35 years, she asks: “why wasn’t this being done?”

See the link above for the rest of the article.

Next time your going through family photos, you might stop to examine some of them a little more closely.

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