Louisiana Library has an “aggressive genealogy indexing project”

The Bogalusa Daily News reports on a library with an “aggressive genealogy indexing project”.

Today’s libraries are taking every opportunity to use technology in order to provide more services for library users. And library officials say the Washington Parish library is among the leaders.

Employees at the local library are utilizing today’s modern technology to spearhead an aggressive genealogy indexing project that will revolutionize the way people search for historical records in Washington Parish.
Additionally, the library has begun offering wireless Internet service to patrons in Bogalusa and Franklinton, according to Gabriel Morley, library director.

“We are currently looking at everything we do to better understand how we might improve services while cutting costs,” Morley said. “Our goal is to offer more, for less. One way we’re doing this is through an extensive genealogy project headed up by Bonnie Branch.”

The rest of the article is at the link above. Good to hear a story like this, especially when many areas/states are looking at cutting back access to certain information, for various reasons.

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