Family Tree Maker 2006

One of the more popular genealogy programs (Windows wise), the 2006 edition of Family Tree Maker has been officially announced.

Among the changes:

    Better search and merge features
    Better source management and source reporting
    Easier data entry and more note/research space
    Better chart creation/printing/managing
    Backup your Family Tree Maker files to their secure servers (only free for the first three months)
    It also looks like they’ve added some research tools similar to GenSmarts

If you really need an online backup service, you could always get a free Google G-Mail account that has over a gig of storage, and just email yourself your genealogy files. It’s about as secure as anything else, and can be accessed from anywhere. Comment or email me ( if you’d like a Google G-Mail account – I have around 50 invites still left.

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