Genealogy and PDAs

Recently Dick Eastman wrote about a website run by Illya D’Addezio, that contains a large amount of genealogy information and resources in WAP format (Wirless Application Protocol), that can be read on handheld devices (PDAs, mobile phones, etc.).

Jim H. sent me a link to a new site, that is also dedicated to genealogy and PDAs, although, unlike D’Addezio’s website, is geared more towards the equipment, software, and practices behind using PDAs in genealogy research. The two sites do compliment one another.

This was great timing, at least for me, because I’m in the market for a PDA to help with some of my genealogy reseach. I’ve had a little experience with PDAs in the past, and’s admin has already pointed me to a couple of cheaper options (including Dell’s high-end offering for a very good price) to get started. I’m impressed with the software offerings, and I’m open to any suggestions any of you have.

Once I’ve aquired a PDA, I’ll make sure and write up some of my experiences (which hopefully will help justify the expense with my wife!).

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