Video-Playing Tombstones

I’m not sure what to say about this one, so I’m going to let it speak for itself. The article is at, a Central Florida TV station (WKMG).

Excerpt from the article:

A new company plans to unveil new high-tech tombstones with embedded flat screen monitors that would allow visitors to play memorial videos of the deceased, according to a report.

Joe Joachim, who says he wants to be the Walt Disney of the funeral business, plans to show the Vidstone this year at the annual funeral directors convention.

You can read the rest of the article at the link above.

Here’s some more information I dug up (pun intended) on Mr. Joachim and how he plans to transform the funeral industry:

An article at the Detroit News ( entitled “Morticians go modern” by Malavika Jagannathan (Excerpted):

Today’s funerals aren’t all black and white. They’re in high-definition Technicolor and can be shipped in DVD format anywhere in the country.

Technology is changing the funeral business — ironic since the industry is steeped in custom. But undertakers and morticians are finding ways to mingle tradition with the technology.
“People want something to tell the person’s life story and technology is letting them share these stories,” says Joe Joachim, the president of funeralOne, a company based in St. Clair that is attempting to revolutionize the funeral business with innovative technology-driven options such as Webcasting.

Joachim’s latest brainchild is a solar-powered video console attached to a tombstone that would allow visitors to play a video of the person’s life at the touch of a button. Although this device is still in the development stage, he thinks people will latch on to the concept because “they want a personalized funeral or memorial experience.”

I will admit the idea of a DVD of the funeral itself is intriguing from a genealogy/historical records point of view.

This is Mr. Joachim’s company:

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