Genealogy Software

I was going to mention a “new” site (at least new in the sense of a new domain name), but now it appears I’ll mention two sites, since they are closely related.

One is Genealogy Software News ( It’s an “independent” site dedicated to news concerning genealogy software. This is one of those things I didn’t realize the community needed, until I saw it. There are plenty of sites that list software, but I really haven’t seen any that try to keep up on all of the genealogy software.

The other is Genealogy Software Guide and Database ( I follow Cyndi’s List and Louis Kessler’s site, and occasionally I’ll browse the software forums at Ancestry and Usenet, and all of that is quite a bit to handle, but I’m going to keep track of this one as well, because they mention trying to catalog all of the genealogy software, not just the latest, as well as put together information on past versions.

Guys and gal (one of them is a gal going by the names), if you need an expert on Commodore 64 – Family Roots (I believe it ran on TRS-80s and early Apples as well), or Family Tree 4.0 for the Mac, I might be able to remember a few things (I might even still have the software somewhere).

I remember a few months ago, somebody was looking for an old MSDOS genealogy application on one of the genealogy forums. Hopefully they’ll find their way to that site.

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