Genealogy Buffs: It Gets Into Your Blood

An article by Rob Shapard in The Herald-Sun (Durham, NC), reinforces what most of already know: genealogy is addictive. From the article: As the years tick by, the drive that Orange County resident Louis Freeland feels to learn about his family’s past grows stronger. Freeland, 70, has learned a great deal about that history, which … Read more

The Ultimate Grandmother

How far back can you trace your ancestry? An article in The Daily Record tries to answer that question (with surprising results): Thousands of years ago, my ultimate grandmother eked out an existence at the foot of Mount Parnassus in Greece. Scientists have named her Ursula and she belonged to a band of hunter gatherers … Read more

Misc. Tidbits.

If you’d like to read a good review of just what is (a genealogy site we mentioned recently, that has over two million links), head over to the Lebanon Daily – James M. Beidler has written up a summary of just what the two million links are and how useful they can be. Friends … Read more