This index scans periodicals by the scads

An article by Mary Penner in The Albuquerque Tribune explains what PERSI (Periodical Source Index), is, why it’s important and why you should be using it, and how you can access it.

As a matter of fact, you may have already been using it, without even knowing that you are.


It’s been more than 350 years since my ancestor, Robert Hubbard, stepped off a British ship onto the swampy lowlands of the Virginia coast. Since then his descendants left their footprints in dozens of states, counties, and cities across the country.

Fortunately, in every place his descendants have lived, eager family historians publish all kinds of ancestral nuggets in genealogical and historical society newsletters and journals. Unfortunately, I would go broke if I subscribed to all of those publications.

There’s a better way to access the scads of useful information published in thousands of periodicals each year. It’s called PERSI; that’s short for Periodical Source Index.

You can access it through ( or Godfrey Memorial Library ( (hence my comment about you may already be using it).

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