RootsMagic v3 and Legacy v6

As you may or may not know, Legacy Family Tree 6.0 and RootsMagic 3 are now out (Legacy this morning, RootsMagic wednesday).

I’ve not written much or dug up much (that’s either a pun or a Freudian Slip, I’m not sure which) this week because I’ve been playing with RootsMagic and now Legacy. I love to try out new genealogy software – in the false hope that the latest and greatest will somehow make me a better genealogist or help me break through a brick wall. Regardless, they’ve got some pretty cool new features, and with Family Tree Legends 5.0 and Family Tree Maker 6.0, we’ve had a bumper crop of new genealogy applications over the past few months (I know I’m leaving out at least one major genealogy package).

I’m glad to say that at least these four packages aren’t upgrades simply for the sake of being upgrades and generating revenue (although that’s always the motive and nothing wrong with it as long as they give you your money’s worth).

I’m still amazed at what you can get for under $40 these days. Within the past 20 years, genealogy programs have went from costing $100-$200+ and being very crude and little more than glorified census databases to low-cost, serious research tools.

If only GEDCOM 6.0 XML was here, and we could more easily transfer our data between programs…

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