Recording Your Genealogy

Marina Garrison wrote a little article at 50, called “Recording Your Genealogy”, about publishing your genealogy research in a book (and why many of us are reluctant to do so).

This jumped out at me:

For most of us, genealogy becomes addictive after a short time and this is why I think it is so hard for us to commit to actually publishing our findings. We know we are “that close” to finding the next missing link and, for every ancestor found, there are at least two more (the parents) to discover, so our work never seems complete.

That’s been a problem of mine – not wanting to go through and print full-blown charts or have books made up, because I’m always on the edge of adding more information. With laserprinters being so cheap, there’s no reason not to print the occasional chart or booklets, and the solutions that she suggests can easily work for at least branches of your family that you feel are fairly complete (you could even call them “Volume I of the Abner Smith” family or some such, leaving yourself room for more, and setting the expectation among family members that there will be more).

If your a Mac user, although it falls slightly out of the scope that Marina is discussing, Apple’s iLife/iPhoto Books have proved exceedingly easy to use, well made, and very popular. Great holiday or birthday gifts (as would a book on your family’s genealogy in general).

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