Genealogy Research Surprises

Nancy K. Crevier has written an article for The Newtown Bee (Newtown, Connecticut) titled Former Newtown Residents Surprised By Results Of Genealogical Research, about how little things falling into place in one’s genealogy research can lead to some surprises.

Excerpt from the article:

Raised in Oregon, about as far from the East Coast as one can get, Mrs Lawrenson (nee Shirley Dale Shockley) never considered that she might have a connection here. When she did inquire about her ancestry, she says, “I got the Western story. As far as my family was concerned, we went back to Oklahoma and Iowa. That’s as far as we went.”

She ended up living in Connecticut, not realizing that her ancestors had lived in the state and that she still had family ties there. Another one of those little quirks about genealogy that keeps things interesting.

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