“Everything is Illuminated” – A Movie for Genealogists?

Michael Clark has written a movie review for the Gwinnett Daily Post (Gwinnett County, Georgia) about the new movie out today, Everything is Illuminated (IMDB.com) (trailer at Apple.com).

He describes it as :

Elijah Wood (“The Lord of the Rings”) stars as Jonathan Safran Foer (whose book Schreiber adapted for the screen), a nebbish recluse who collects family heirlooms and posts them on a wall in his room. It’s clear he’s thoroughly engrossed with what he’s doing….The sense of wonder thing is taken care of immediately.

Confident he’s mined everything he can stateside, Jonathan decides it’s time to take a trip to the Ukraine, the place where it all started, to wrap up his “Roots”-style search for his family lineage.


For anyone interested in genealogy or European history, Schreiber’s movie is a godsend.

It deals with issues for those who have traced their family history through the Holocaust, as well as just trying to find out where you came from in general. You can read the full review here.

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