Using DNA, Genealogy, to Identify Missing Korean War Veterans

Another semi-related DNA genealogy story – there is an article in The Daily Reflector (NC) by T. Scott Batchelor that discusses how remains recovered from the Korean War/Conflict are being identified and some of the lengths that people are having to go through to get them identified and the families contacted.

From the article:

“Parents died, sisters married, they changed names and moved on,” he said, citing some of the reasons for the difficulty locating relatives of the war’s missing service personnel.

Through his efforts and those of other advocates, however, Davis recently reported that the number of unidentified families has been halved.

He utilizes genealogy sites to uncover leads and asks district commanders of service organizations for help.

“Most of the time, all it takes is a few local telephone calls, and (relatives) come forward,” Davis said.

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