World-Class Ancestor Hunt

A world-class ancestor hunt, an article in the Lynchburg News & Advance (Lynchburg, VA), is a very good look at how some people go about writing a book about their family’s genealogy:

Some people approach writing a family genealogy as if they were taking a roll call of the dead…..

There is a place for that, to be sure – for one thing, it’s a perfect format for estate attorneys. But when Lynchburg resident Elisabeth Wilson Hodges decided to peer into the branches of her family tree, she wound up seeing it more as an historical novel than a list of ancestors.

It’s a great look at an alternative way of writing a family’s history book. Elisabeth Wilson Hodges wrote it in a way that they could even sell it as a regional history. It sounds like a book that is lot more interesting than the “Person A was born here on this date, and died on this date. He/she married this person, and they had these children.”.

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