Hi, I’m James Bond, and this is my cousin James Bond, and my other cousin James Bond

The Evening Telegraph mentions that there were actually three James Bonds living in Scotland at one time….so for those of you with Scottish ancestry, you might head over to www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk, now that the 1861 census is available.

From the article:

Previously unseen data from the 1861 census, which has been made available for the first time by genealogy website www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk, has found that James Bond, Margaret Curran and George Burley were all alive and well in Victorian Scotland.

The census records showed there were three James Bonds living in 1861 Scotland along with 56 John (Jack) McConnells, 13 Margaret Currans, five George Burleys and 48 Jimmy (James) Calderwoods.

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