PBS: A Cemetery Special

If you live in the USA, PBS has a one hour show tonight, A Cemetery Special, that repeats on October 31st. I believe it’s 8:00PM EST.

Everybody used to hang out at the cemetery. In the nineteenth century, lots of Americans would head for the local cemetery when they wanted to escape from industrial cities, when they wanted to relax and enjoy a green, natural setting, when they wanted to see some art, as well as when they wanted to remember and pay respect to the dearly departed. Back then, cemeteries sometimes got so crowded that tickets were required for admission.

Today cemeteries aren’t quite so popular and full of people, but they are still valuable and often beautiful places full of surprises and stories of all sorts. So, several burial places from Key West to Fairbanks are celebrated..

They cover nine cemeteries. Should be very entertaining, and very timely considering the interest in genealogy.

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