History lies six feet under

Another cemetery-related article covering genealogists, this time from Heather Quinn, writing in The Daily Aztec, San Diego State University. Her article, History lies six feet under, covers cemeteries in the San Diego area:

But apart from their more morbid aspects, cemeteries have another story to tell. They are the repositories of the rich history of San Diego, the only places where the dead can still speak to the living – not as ghosts, but as legacies carved in tombstones. Cemeteries are a good starting point to learn about the pioneers and leaders who built this city, and to hear those stories not as often told that give us a truer sense of what it means to be San Diegans. Seeing the graves of the deceased lends a deeper sense of reality to their stories that merely hearing them cannot produce.

It’s a good article – she covers several cemeteries in the area, and mentions particularly interesting people/events that are related to them. I think as more and more people get into genealogy, and realize just how important cemeteries are to a genealogist, you’re going to find more and more people visiting cemeteries, recording the information for other (or future) genealogists, as well as working to preserve them.

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