County Meath Ireland Genealogy Project

Recently, while browsing, I came across a very interesting Rootsweb site/page, the County Meath Ireland Genealogy Project.

If you’re not familiar with, they host a lot of genealogy pages/sites that regular users, you and me, put together, for free. Unfortunately, many of the sites are outdated, or not laid out very well, or don’t really offer much in the way of genealogy information.

This one is part of the “Ireland Genealogical Project” and has been put together by somebody seriously dedicated to genealogy and who has some experience with web pages. Whoever put it together should be commended, and even if you don’t have any ancestors or relatives from County Meath, you still should check it out. It’s simple and easy to use – two things that way too many genealogy websites fail at (I know, like I have room to speak).

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