More “Home Genealogy” – Researching your house’s history

Two articles in the Lexington Herald-Leader (Kentucky) that were published today examining the genealogy of homes. The first follows Amy Wilson’s research in digging up the history of the home, while the second is more of a how-to/tips section.

From the article An archive in words, deeds

In the Nov. 27, 1794, issue of the Kentucky Gazette, German Baxter announces to his friends and neighbors in Lexington that he has opened a coppersmith’s shop on his plantation about 11 miles from town. He advises the paper’s clientele that the house is about a half-mile from the great road from Lexington to Jack’s Creek on the Kentucky River.

I am pretty sure that is the house I bought a year ago. Except that it is now on a 10-acre tract, and the house is hardly plantationlike. “

From the article Digging for clues to your house’s history? Here’s one way to do it:

Every house has a history.

And like any archeological dig, be it into family history or through ancient ruins, you have to follow the clues to get to the next step.

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