Yesterday’s News (Star Tribune, MN)

The Star Tribune (Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota) has a new blog/site up and running, called “Yesterday’s News“. Basically the Star Tribune digs back into its archives over the past 130 years and posts a few items every week It maybe of interest to genealogists doing research concerning Minnesota, although what is posted every week does not have any rhyme or reason (they do take suggestions). Think of it as a quick peak at the past in an easy to access format.

This is from the introduction to the site:

Welcome, history lovers!

The Star Tribune newspaper archives, which date back more than a hundred years, are just about a hundred feet away from my perch on the copy desk. On slow nights, I head to the library, load up a roll of microfilm and take a look back in time. How much did it cost to block and clean a bowler hat in 1898? How did the Minneapolis Tribune play the sinking of the Lusitania? What were the hot nightspots during Roaring ’20s? What movies were showing in Hennepin Avenue theaters in the ’50s?

Ben Welter is the one handling it, and I think it’ll be neat, even if you’re not from Minnesota. Might be worth passing on to older family and friends who would get a kick out of it.

One thing very interesting to genealogists – Ben mentioned the Minnesota Historical Society’s Visual Resource Database.

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