More Genetic Testing From the Media

A few members of the NBC 4 team (Columbus, Ohio) are continuing the tradition of members of the press doing the DNA/Genetic testing.

One thing that surprised me, the article mentioned this:

For those looking to find long lost relatives through DNA, experts believe the tests could lead to a dead end.

“This test is not a genealogy test as we know it. This doesn’t help you with your family tree. It does help you know roughly where you came from in the migration of humanity around the world,” said Judith Westman, clinical geneticist.

Way too many people have hailed these tests as being the best thing to happen to genealogy (I would disagree, the internet and computer genealogy would be tied for first). I will admit these tests are very useful, they can help confirm distant branches, and maybe help a few people here and there, who were stuck or couldn’t confirm some things.

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