Old Cemeteries – Finding and Maintaining them

The Repository, Canton Ohio, has an article by Eddie Pritchard about efforts being made to track down and clean up Stark County’s cemeteries, as well as establishing contacts for each one. If you are from that area and want to help, you may want to read the article and get in touch with some of those mentioned.

Excerpt from the article:

Cemeteries are of great interest to people for whom genealogy is a hobby. They use cemetery records to find great-grandparents and long-lost aunts and uncles.

Questions from people searching for ancestors convinced employees of the Genealogy Services Department at the Stark County Public Library to start tracking down some of the area’s out-of-the-way cemeteries.

Debbie Pfendler hoped to find a contact person for each cemetery. But many folks ask for directions to cemeteries, so she decided to spend Sunday afternoons tracking down the locations. It didn’t take long for Lauren Landis, the department’s manager, and Marianne Marcussen to join on the searches.

“A lot of this is detective work,” Marcussen said of the cemetery searches.

“It’s like putting a puzzle together,” Pfendler said.

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