86-Year Old Computer-Using Genealogist

The News Journal (DelawareOnline.com), has a pretty interesting article, The Grandparent, about an 86-year-old Grandma who likes to use computers (which is an understatement):

Nora Taylor is pretty computer-literate for a grandma. She’s on her fifth or sixth computer, and few 86-year-olds keep back copies of Wired magazine in their living rooms.

Though she likes to read about the cutting edge, Taylor doesn’t spend money for the latest gadget. Her 7-year-old Compaq computer runs Windows 98, and she uses a $10-a-month dial-up connection service called BlueLight to connect to the Web.

She uses the Web to stay in touch with family members in Florida and Arizona, to run genealogy software programs….

I’m hoping to be doing the same when I’m 86, and I expect I will be, as will many of you – now that home computers have been around for 20 years or so, I expect more and more older folks will be using them, and not just for genealogy or emailing the grandkids. I’m sure somebody that tracks trends on the internet will start seeing more and more 65-year-olds and on up using the internet.

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