Genealogist tries to solve Eagle head mystery

There is a rather unique article in the Morning Sentinel (, Genealogist tries to solve Eagle head mystery, by Colin Hickey, about the head of the Maine Genealogical Society’s Taconnett Falls Chapter helping a man track down an artist from over a century ago. The hope is to build a biography of the artist, as well as the intended home of a carved eagle’s head (which originally kicked off the mystery).

Excerpts from the article:

WINSLOW — Call it the mystery of the Eagle head.

Thelma Brooks, who heads the Taconnett Falls Chapter of the Maine Genealogical Society, said the mystery started with a phone query from a Florida man.

James H. Heyer of Clearwater, Fla. had purchased a wooden Eagle head, apparently carved by Fred Eaton Southard, who was born in Winslow in 1861, according to Heyer’s research….

Now Heyer wants to find the Winslow home that Southard did the commission work for more than a century ago. He also wants to get any information about Southard’s life as an artisan.

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