Mayflower descendants spread word

There’s an article in the Jamestown News (North Carolina), by Norma B. Davis, about the efforts of Martha Ward, Al Sampson and Betty LaBella – members of the Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of North Carolina, Piedmont Colony, to spread the word about genealogy and the original Mayflower colonists. Mrs. Ward mentions something that is very important:

“Since the movie ‘Roots’ more people are interested in genealogy,” Ward said. “I am thankful for my beloved grandmother who took me in her arms and lovingly told me the family stories and showed me the picture albums. She made sure I was grounded in family. I think if we don’t pass down the stories of our families, history will be lost.

“Knowing your background is kind of like discovering yourself,” she added.

This is the time of year where it might be a good idea to find a family member or two and talk to them about your family’s history, and get them interested – unfortunately too many people wait until it’s too late and they end up losing a lot of the family’s history.

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