The Wrong Side of the Blanket

Writing for, Rhiannon Edward writes about the research that has been done by genealogists concerning David Cameron (a member of the Tory party). Mr. Cameron was apparently unaware that he is related to the Queen. The article goes into detail about his relatives, and it’s rather interesting how much is known (although not surprising). The term “wrong side of the blanket” is used to signify somebody born out of wedlock.

From the article Cameron is Queen’s cousin, but from ‘wrong side of the blanket’:

The Tory leadership favourite, David Cameron, is related to the Queen through William IV’s illegitimate daughter, genealogists have claimed.

The old Etonian’s Royal connection was uncovered by researchers at Debrett’s, the British aristocracy and genealogy bible. Mr Cameron is the great-great-great-great-great-grandson of William IV and his long-standing mistress, Dorothy Jordan.

He is descended from the couple’s illicit daughter, Elizabeth FitzClarence – making him the Queen’s fifth cousin twice removed…

William IV ruled in the 1830s and had 10 illegitimate children by the Irish actress.

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