Shake Your Family Tree With Beginner Classic

James Beidler, a frequent genealogy columnist for the Lebanon Daily News (PA), has written a review of the genealogy book, “Shaking Your Family Tree: A Basic Guide to Tracing Your Family’s Genealogy” , by Ralph J. Crandall. The book, which is now in its second edition, is one of the best beginner’s books for genealogy ever written. Crandall spent over 20 years as the head of the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS).

Excerpt from the review:

I have a special affection for Crandall’s book because it was the first book — well, the first edition of it, that is — on genealogy that I acquired. It was a book to which I returned again and again as I began teaching genealogy, when I was searching for an apt example, etc.

Crandall’s gentle tone and logical, step-by-step approach are ones that few genealogical writers have been able to emulate.

With the holiday season upon us, if you are looking around for a gift to give a budding genealogist, you might consider this book.

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