Genealogy in Taiwan

The Government Information Office of Taiwan has published anarticle about genealogy research in Taiwan. The King Car and Chun Yi Foundations are hoping to generate an interest in genealogy, especially among the younger generation, through a series of seminars in December, in time for the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday. Genealogy research in Taiwan and other parts of Asia can be a lot more complicated and/or difficult than in Europe or the Americas.

Excerpt from the article:

Genealogy expert Liao Ching-liu on Monday put on display a number of genealogies. Liao said that many Americans make it a family activity to search for their roots in their spare time. Liao and lecturer Chang Li-hua on December 23 plan to hold a seminar for instructors in the Tainan area to teach them about how to go about putting together family trees. The hope is to spark interest in such activities by school children and to use creative ways of learning about each family’s history.
Liao said that it is quite easy in the West for paternal and maternal lines to co-exist. In China however, genealogy becomes more complex as males and females are separated. He said that in addition to Taiwan Historica, National Central Library and Taiwan Library, which previous various genealogical files, people can take advantage of various family shrines and ancestral tablets, handwritten family trees and gravestones to trace their heritage back to the ancestors who came to Taiwan from China. He added that people can also apply to the household registry offices for information on their family clans that goes back at least five generations, which will help in construction a more comprehensive family tree.

I believe the original source (at least as it’s listed on the site) is the “United Daily News

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