TV Show – Ancestors in the Attic

The Global Gazette (Canada) has news of a new TV show, Ancestors in the Attic, from History Television. If you are a Canadian (I believe it’s limited to Canadians, although they mention “Canadian connection” so I maybe mistaken), and you can sum up your genealogy story/mystery in 500 words or less, they want to hear from you.

Description of the show from History Television:

Are there family mysteries you’d like to solve? Tell us what you know about the person in your family whose story most intrigues you. It can be a distant ancestor, a grandparent, parent, uncle or aunt. Does the mystery involve an heirloom or do you have an artefact that tells a tale you can’t decipher? Send us a picture and tell us how it relates to your story.

Do you have a family legend you’ve always wanted to confirm? A great, great grandfather who might have been a European aristocrat, an ancestor related to a famous politician or world-renowned musician.

Perhaps you’ve hit a brick wall in your research or just have a question you’d like answered. Or perhaps you have a relative associated with a famous, infamous or just plain interesting event in Canadian history.

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