Even More Genealogy Gifts

Juliana Smith, the the editor of Ancestry Daily News, has posted her Christmas Wish List for this year.

One amusing gift that doesn’t exist at this time (unfortunately), a CGO – “Certified Genealogical Organizer”

Excerpt from the list:

This tops my list because as I prepare for holiday guests, I am catching myself once again stashing piles of papers in boxes, bags and into every spare crevice of my office. After the holidays, I know I will be very angry with myself and will wish that one of those home organizing shows will come to my door and offer to completely organize my office (not to mention the rest of the closets in my house). The trouble with this is that you really have to be a genealogist to know what to do with all my files, so I am proposing a new line of certification. CGO – Certified Genealogical Organizer. If there are more out there like me, I’m sure it will be a lucrative accreditation!

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