Raising Money Through Publishing Genealogy Books

The Tyler Morning Telegraph (TX) has news of a unique way to help raise money for the Van Zandt Library of Genealogy and Local History (located in Canton). They are publishing a softcover book with nearly 300 pages of material concerning Civil War veterans who lived in Van Zandt county. It’s material that many genealogists researching in that area would find very useful – records, family histories, etc. are included. The book is $25, and proceeds go to support the Library of Genealogy and Local History (which is operated by volunteers).

You can find more information at the Van Zandt County Genealogical Society’s website, specifically their Publications Page.

This would be a great “gift” for libraries and genealogy centers around Texas as well as regional libraries and genealogy centers – to purchase a copy and donate it to the library of your choice.

If you are looking to raise funds for your library or genealogy research center, it’s also something to think about – you would be providing an excellent value to others if you sold books with genealogy information/data from your area. There is also the side benefit of spreading the information, so that it can’t be lost or destroyed if something happens to the main location.

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