New Magazine – Internet Genealogy

James M. Beidler writes in the Lebanon Daily News (PA), about a new genealogy magazine, Internet Genealogy, from Halvor Moorshead – publisher of the Family Chronicle magazine. The magazine bills itself as Tracing Your Ancestors Using Online Resources. The first issue – the April/May 2006 issue, will hit the newstands in North America at the end of February. There will be a preview in the January/February 2006 issue of Family Chronicle. The cover price will be $5.95.

Mr. Beidler wrote a quick review/preview ( excerpts from the article):

A preview copy of his new magazine, Internet Genealogy, arrived recently. The preview was a “teaser” of 24 pages (the full issues will be at least 56 pages) but still had some useful articles — or, actually, parts of articles, since some of the articles are not complete in the preview…..

There was also an overly complimentary article on, a Web site that regular “Roots & Branches” readers will remember received a less-than-enthusiastic review from me…

It will be interesting to see if the new magazine affects the content of Family Chronicle, since many of the latter periodical’s articles have an Internet angle to them.

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