New Magazine – Internet Genealogy

James M. Beidler writes in the Lebanon Daily News (PA), about a new genealogy magazine, Internet Genealogy, from Halvor Moorshead – publisher of the Family Chronicle magazine. The magazine bills itself as Tracing Your Ancestors Using Online Resources. The first issue – the April/May 2006 issue, will hit the newstands in North America at the end of February.

Would-be Kilt Wearer Wants to Change Dress Code

Just over a month ago, a student was removed from a high school dance for wearing a kilt . The student was Nathan Warmack and he is a student at Jackson High School (Missouri). He was trying to show pride for his Scottish heritage, but the principal said it was a distraction.

Nathan hopes to change that – the Kansas City Star/AP is running a story by Betsy Taylor, detailing the youth’s attempt at getting the dress code changed.