PBS Show on African-American Genealogy

Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter has news of a new show on American PBS TV stations – African American Lives that is oriented towards genealogy.

It’s scheduled to air in February, check your local listings for more information.

From the PBS Website:

AFRICAN AMERICAN LIVES, an unprecedented four-part PBS series, takes Alex Haley’s Roots saga to a whole new level through moving stories of personal discovery. Using genealogy, oral history, family stories and DNA analysis to trace lineage through American history and back to Africa, the series provides a life-changing journey for a diverse group of highly accomplished African Americans

Dick Eastman mentions that “Renowned genealogy expert Tony Burroughs will appear in three of the four episodes”, which should make for an interesting show. PBS has been delving into genealogy or genealogy-related topics more and more over the past few years.

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