Cache Offers Window to Schools’ Past

Ever work in a place where you might come across old documents, and you wonder what to do with them? The Lebanon Daily News (Lebanon, PA) has an article by Chris Sholly about a bunch of old records found at a high school. They donated them to the Lebanon County Historical Society. More people/organizations should do this when they come across old documents that may show what people were doing, etc. (except they should of course probably donate to their local historical/genealogy societies, I doubt the Lebanon County Historical Society wants a bunch of stuff from all over the place). There’s no telling how many valuable records have been lost because somebody threw them away, thinking nobody would be interested.


We’re always interested in these old documents, especially names and dates and times, because it can fit in sometimes to research,” said Phil Feather, president of the society’s board of directors.

For example, in genealogy studies someone may be looking for the name of a parent and find out the parent’s last name was different from the student’s name, Feather explained. That could help create links in family histories, he said.

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