Dusting the Bones of History

The News Guard (Lincoln City, Oregon) has an article by Karen Vittek about about the North Lincoln County Historical Museum and what exactly is going on “behind the scenes” so to speak, while it’s closed to the public this month. It’s a look at just what happens when museums and libraries close down to clean up and change exhibits, etc., which is something many genealogists occasionally encounter.

From the article:

Upstairs, Libby Durbin tacked the last photos on a display about the Bones Family genealogy.

“We have 10 displays so far,” she said. “There’s room for 20.”

Durbin’s time is paid for by a grant. She works with local pioneer families to set up the genealogical time-lines and collect old photos.

“We try to put in the birth dates, death dates, where they were buried and where they were married and when,” said Durbin. “I just love working with the families. They’re so overjoyed that their history is going to be displayed in the museum.”

Sounds like some very interesting work.

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