’s Simplified Subscriptions

James M. Beidler, a genealogy lecturer in Lebanon, PA, has put together a nice little article detailing the changes that recently made, in regards to their subscriptions, in the Lebanon Daily News. For those just starting out, and thinking about such a subscription, you should definitely read the article.

Excerpt from the article:

…as the data amassed by has grown, the way it segmented its subscriptions into quite a number of different “collections” at varying prices became somewhat confusing — especially since the reality is that many people now get an subscription when they are beginners as a way of jump-starting their genealogy.

In part, became a victim of its own success as its number of databases grew by leaps and bounds and began to include large record sets, such as military records and U.S. and British censuses.

Acknowledging this confusion, last month announced two simplified subscription plans that will probably serve most genealogists well.

No mention of the Canadian Records Collection that just came online, and I’m not sure of pricing, but some of these are new:
* 1911 Census of Canada
* 1871 Census of Canada
* Ontario Marriage Index 1858-1899
* Ontario Birth Index 1869-1907
* Ontario Death Index 1869-1932
* Ontario & Nova Scotia Census Records 1800-1842
* Canadian Address & Phone Directories 1995-2002

The 1911 Census of Canada, they claim it’s the first and only online-indexed 1911 Census of Canada.

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