Want Your Family Tree Researched For Free?

If you have no problems sharing your family information with the world (or rather making it easier to find/see, since the information is already available), Kimberly Powell over at Genealogy.About.com will research your family history online for free – she’s looking for people to do a case study on.


Are you new to genealogy? Wondering how to get started learning more about your ancestors? I’m looking for a guinea pig (or two) for a case study on researching your family tree on the Internet. The family history research is free if you’re chosen to participate.

Just send your name, email address, and the details that you already know on yourself, your parents, grandparents, etc. to Ask a Genealogist and, if you’re chosen, I’ll research your family online for you for free. The results will be published on About Genealogy in a step-by-step article, so if you would prefer to keep your family details private, this isn’t for you. No specific details will be published for any individuals that you indicate are still living (no dates of birth, social security numbers, etc.). And remember, the information included in this family history will all be located online and is already publicly available.

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