Cemetery Photography Books – Clarke County, Virginia

This is an older story from August of last year, that I came across recently. The Clarke-Times Courier (Virginia) had an article about a retired couple who photographically documented every cemetery in a county and assembled it into a book. That is something I’d love to do in my retirement years. Never the same thing twice, outside, and your helping out a lot of people.

Excerpt from the article:

Don and Mary Royston dodged snakes, groundhogs and bees while compiling a new book about the cemeteries of Clarke County.

The couple visited 19 cemeteries in the county and sometimes got down on hands and knees and gently rubbed away dirt to read the names and dates of ancient gravestones to copy down the information.

The couple published their labor of love, “Cemeteries of Clarke County, Virginia,” in April as the sequel to a similar book they put out in 2003 about the Green Hill Cemetery in Berryville.

Copies of Cemeteries of Clarke County, Virginia,
Purchase at:
Clarke County Historical Association
32 E. Main St.,

You can also call 540-955-2600.

The Clarke County Historical Associations’s office is open Monday through Friday, 1 to 4 p.m.

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