Good Time to Review Genealogy Resources

John P. O’Connor marks the second anniversary of his genealogy column in The Republican (MA) with a good colum, Good time to review genealogy resources, that gives a brief look at past two years’ worth of columns and some of the resources that have been used as well as topics that were covered.

Excerpt from the article:

Since this column marks the second anniversary of its appearance in The Republican’s Plus Papers this week, I thought it might be appropriate to review where we have been in the last two years.

Several columns have discussed the various tools available for finding your ancestors, who they were, where they came from and when they arrived in the United States. We also discussed those individuals who came from Virginia to Massachusetts or from Malone, N.Y., to the Indian Orchard neighborhood of Springfield.

We’ve explored the reasons why our ancestors came to the United States from their native lands and why they chose Northampton, Turners Falls, Chicopee or any other community as their destination.

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