Tracking Your South Asian Diaspora Roots

Being in the US and because of the target audiences of most of the media here, I don’t often hear about genealogy research in other countries outside of European and African genealogy research. We are in luck though – Francis C. Assisi has put together an article, Tracking Your South Asian Diaspora Roots ( about Indian/South Asian genealogy research, and some of the problems and successes that those researching this area of genealogy come across.


Anxious to locate and confirm their ancestral roots, genealogy research has become a hot topic among millions of people worldwide.

Now, with the availability of large electronic databases that can be accessed online, the descendants of the dispersed people of the Indian diaspora too are scrambling to flesh out details of their ancestors, to fill out their family trees with names and history.

Sometimes all it takes is to punch in a family name on an Internet search to open a promising trail. But, especially for South Asians, this search for ancestral information can be frustrating, and at the same time, fascinating.

Very good article about an area of genealogy research we don’t hear a lot about in the mainstream press.

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