Baby’s Tombstone Heads Home

Kate Leckie writes in the Frederick News-Post (Maryland) about a story that has interested a lot of genealogists – Baby’s tombstone heads home. The tombstone dated back to 1777 and was transported from Pennsylvania to Maryland.

Excerpt from the article:

The stone, which vandals ripped from the grave of 8-month-old Charles Coulson, was dated Dec. 17, 1777.

But no one claimed ownership.

Reading about the tombstone Jan. 12 on the Web site for The Frederick News-Post, Tara Richards, a former Frederick resident now living in northern Alabama, did what came naturally. She went into research mode.

With Tara Richards’ research, Sheriff’s Corporal Jennifer Bailey phone calls, and with Jeffrey and Laurie Storer’s driving to Frederick County, MD, and transporting the tombstone back to their parish in Pennsylvania. No word on who did it.

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