DAR Member Shares Ways to Preserve History

Pat Hambrick has an article in The Daily Citizen, DAR member shares ways to preserve history, about tips for preserving information, especially genealogy information. DAR = Daughters of the American Revolution, an organization oriented towards genealogy (and one of the largest in the US) and preserving history.

Excerpt from the article:

Ruth Browning of Searcy told members of White County Historical Society Monday night that it was important for them to write down or to record on tape the stories of their lives and to identify old family photographs in order to preserve their family history for future generations.

Browning, a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), informed the crowd that there are over 100 societies that require proof that a person is a direct descendant of someone in that group in order to be a member of the society, including religious, ethnic, nationality, family and war societies.

If everybody went out and persuaded their parents, grandparents, etc., to record their life histories and identify family photos, just think of how happy future genealogists will be.

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