Slate Museum Quarries Families

Don’t you love word play and genealogy? If you do, there is lots of it here – the Times Argus has an article by Gordon Dritschilo, Slate museum quarries families, that talkes about museums working together to help genealogists.

Excerpts from the article:

The Slate Valley Museum may soon be reuniting some of the families it honors.

The museum has entered into a partnership with the National Museums Wales that includes a genealogy project that could help descendents of Welsh immigrants to the Slate Belt track down their distant cousins in Wales and vice versa.
Not long after slate was discovered in western Vermont and eastern New York state during the 1830s, Welsh slate experts were brought in to help build the industry.
In the meantime, Willits said the museum is gathering remembrances of various Welsh families in the area while her counterparts in Wales undertake a similar effort.

“They’re in touch with families in Wales who have people who left to come to America,” she said. “We have people here with Welsh ancestry who are interested in their genealogy. Between us, we will create a joint database. Right now, we’ve asking people to come with memories and family histories.”

I’m sure there have been similar partnerships in the past between museums, but I’m not sure if it was on this scale or this focused, and it appears the main focus here is genealogy and family history.

If your genealogy research touches on any of the areas mentioned, I’m sure they’d love to hear from you – the Slate Valley Museum is located in Granville, New York.

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