Deeper Genealogy Dig May Uncover Irish Relatives

Carmen Villa Prezelski has a good article in the Tuscon Citizen (AZ), Deeper genealogy dig may uncover Irish relatives, about getting into genealogy and family history research, as well as looking at Irish and Mexican/Spanish genealogy links. The Irish-Mexican links are particularly interesting – according to Prezelski, Thousands of Irish farmers, soldiers, miners and merchants resettled in Mexico in the 18th and 19th centuries. I’ve heard this mentioned before, but never thought about it.

Excerpt from the article where Carmen talks about getting into genealogy:

Just recently I began investigating our family’s genealogy. There’s an irony in this because years ago I used to work in an office where people who were doing this type of work would come in to use our research tools. Frankly, I thought some of them had gone around the bend.

I have only started to scratch the surface, but I can see how the pursuit of the family history can become an obsession for some people.

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