NY Times and Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation – Promotional

Somebody emailed me this, and I’m still not sure exactly what is is or involves – it looks like the New York Times and the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation have teamed up for some kind of promotional that involves access to the Foundation’s database of genealogy/historical records for free, but you are encouraged to spend almost $500 on a keepsake.

The keepsake sounds cool, but I’m not sure about $500 cool. Here’s what it is:

– Copy of the ship’s passenger list with your relatives’ names and arrival date.
– A photo of the ship on which they arrived (if available).
– Personalized text that displays your ancestors’ names.
– A Liberty-Ellis Foundation plaque, plus Times embossing.
– Measures approximately 31″ x 32″

More information:
Product Details

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