Historic Preservation 101: Tips to Improve the Odds

Great article at the Grand Forks Herald (ND), Historic Preservation 101: Tips to improve the odds, about a topic that doesn’t get covered enough – preserving old buildings. Peg O’Leary, the Grand Forks Historic Preservation Commission coordinator, and Dale Bentley, who is the executive director of Preservation North Dakota, mention some good ideas and information if you want to get involved with preserving an old building that you are interested in.

Excerpt from the article:

“There is no other building that people have more connections to than a church,” Bentley said. “It connects people to the land, the traditions, the place where they celebrated births, baptisms, weddings, anniversaries and funerals. It holds the genealogy, often displayed on their walls.

They mention checking with the National Register of Historic Places, and if you are curious about what the National Register is, you can check with Wikipedia.

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